July 2014 Filled with Deals at Uncle John’s Fleamarket

If you haven’t been out to Uncle John’s Fleamarket – you are missing out on deals galore. Open Saturday and Sunday year round – put Uncle John’s on your to do list this weekend!

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Fresh Produce, Great Bargains & Much More

Uncle John’s FleaMarket was packed again this past weekend.  Especially on Sunday. If you are in the market for fresher than fresh, locally grown produce – this is the place.   Go to the Top of the Hill Barn and right outside the door you’ll find an abundance of produce – crazy cheap.

The produce sells out super fast and if you want to stock up, I’d suggest either going Saturday or getting there on Sunday before 9AM.

This past Sunday by 9AM they were almost wiped out of everything – amazing sweet corn, watermelons, peppers – jalapeno, gypsy, poblano – and even more, plus onions, eggplant, squash and tomatoes – all freshly picked. By 11AM they were totally wiped out.  So grab your produce first and then continue with your shopping – but definitely get there early if you want produce.

I heard at least 20 people comment about how low the produce prices were.  I also heard several people comment on how good the watermelons were.  I agree!  Last week, I was lucky enough to get three watermelons.  This past weekend, they were sold out early.

The barns were swarming with people picking up a lot of great deals and the outside vendors were also well stocked.  On Sunday, the place was still packed at 3PM so there are plenty of deals to be found even if you arrive at noon.

Fall is in the air in Northwest Indiana and it’s great fleamarket shopping weather as it’s not too hot or too cold.  If you do get warm – Top of the Hill Barn sells cold soda and water plus there are other vendors with food throughout the fleamarket.

Please keep in mind if you want to sell – the outside spots sell out fast.  Please see Kathy in the office building if you want to reserve a space (highly advise you do so) to sell outside.  I think all the inside booths are currently rented but if you’re interested in inside space, Kathy will have an update on any openings.







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September Deals at Uncle John’s Fleamarket

Talk about a ton of deals!   This weekend Uncle John’s Fleamarket was packed.  Despite the rainy start on Sunday morning, vendors and shoppers alike packed the place full.

The Top of the Hill Barn continues to attract more new vendors.  Katie’s Kollectibles opened a couple weekends ago and she is drawing in collectors from Indiana and Illinois.   Her booths (she has several in the Top of the Hill Barn) are a mix of whimsy and fun (be sure to check out her holiday booth ) and also contain collectibles for the more serious collector.  Even if you don’t buy anything from her – the layout of her booths is worth a tour.  Really nicely done – and better than many antique dealers shops in towns like Geneva, IL – Katie’s Kollectibles is well worth a visit.

Don’t forget to stop by and see LeighAnn & Tim.  Also in the Top of the Hill Barn, they are often set up outside on Sundays while the weather is good.   I’ve started stocking up weekly as they have incredibly great deals and it saves me the hassle of going to WalMart.

If you aren’t already in the know regarding what they sell – Name brand shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, shaving cream, razors, Ax (the men’s bath product line that is super popular now), toothpaste (Sensodyne & Colgate were two brands I noticed today).  Plus laundry soap such as Tide and a whole lot more.  We aren’t talking dented, expired stuff either – their displays put WalMart to shame as everything is organized, reasonably priced and LeighAnn & Tim go out of their way to help you find the products you are looking for.  The odds are, if you use a name brand health and beauty product or cleaning product, they may have it in stock.




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Wholesale Sources For Flea Market and Other Business Ventures

         Time and time again we are asked  where people can get a listing of  USA based wholesalers.  There are tons of offshore wholesale places such as locations in China. But how about the good ol USA?

The problems with offshore such as China Wholesalers are – the shipping costs, the time to receive and worst of all – if there is a problem with the shipment or you have a question…..

We have gone online and gathered names and information of over 500 USA Based Wholesale Companies selling items such as:

Wholesale Tools

Wholesale Handbags

Wholesale Candles

Wholesale Jewelry

Wholesale Clothing

Wholesale Baby Clothing

Liquidation Sources

Wholesale Military Surplus

Wholesale Incense

Wholesale Perfume & Fragrance

Wholesale Automotive

Wholesale Pet Supplies

Wholesale Candy

Wholesale Sports Collectibles

Wholesale Comic Books

and more!






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Uncle John’s Flea Market is in Full Swing

If you are looking for crazy good deals – this is the prime season for them at Uncle John’s Flea Market in Cedar Lake.

Don’t forget to check out all the barns too.

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Uncle John’s Flea Market Hours and Address

Uncle John’s Flea Market is located at

15205 Wicker Avenue

Cedar Lake, Indiana  46303

The hours of operation are:

Saturdays and Sundays

Outside Vendors  Start at 5AM – 4PM

Inside Vendors Start at 8AM – 4PM

A few words about Uncle John’s Flea Market

Uncle John’s Flea Market is a great place to visit on the weekend.  It’s perfect for families, senior citizens and people from all walks of life.

Set up on an old farm, during ideal weather, visitors will find a place jam packed with shoppers, browsers and vendors.

Remember that many vendors are outside – dress for the weather. Bring or apply sunscreen if the weather is warm.

Wear comfortable shoes and if the weather looks like rain or snow, realize that yours shoes may get wet.

Bring a couple plastic bags or fabric tote bags as not all vendors may have bags for your purchases.

Try to carry money in smaller bills if possible.  While vendors try to have as much change as possible, they do appreciate it when you have smaller bills for paying.

Please keep an eye on your children.   The crowds are sometimes quite heavy and it is easy for a child to get disoriented especially outdoors when there are rows and rows and rows of vendors.

Cars and trucks will be driving in either to park as shoppers or set up as vendors.  Be alert for vehicles at all times.

Remember that many vendors travel a good distance to set up at Uncle John’s and flea market sales may be a crucial source of income for many vendors.  Some vendors will negotiate on a price and others will not.  It never hurts to ask if someone will take less if you are truly interested in purchasing an item.


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Spring is Blooming at Uncle John’s Flea Market

This past weekend showed that Spring has arrived at Uncle John’s FleaMarket with the outside areas packed with vendors and the indoor vendors adding a lot of new merchandise.

I had recently bought an awesome orange handbag for spring.  I bought it from a vendor in the Top of the Hill Barn (the one located all by itself closest to 41).   My husband and I went to DisneyWorld and I took the handbag – I lost count of all the compliments.  Never have I had so many women ask where I bought a purse.

There is also a vendor in the same building with clothes – lots of clothes – crazy cheap.  Actually there are several vendors in that building with clothes, purses, shoes, sunglasses.

There is also one with a lot of phone accessories at by far the best price I have ever seen.   If you are looking for neat little Easter Basket stuffers for teens and adults – I would stop by this booth.

And if you are looking for tools – Kelly has quite the assortment and if he doesn’t have it, he probably knows who might.  He is also located in the same building.

There’s lots of other buildings too and also the outside is packed with bargains.  The main thing is to get in your car and take a ride out weekly if you can since the deals change daily.

Uncle John’s is open on Saturdays and Sundays.  The outside vendors set up super early, some getting there before 7am so if you are an early riser – you can get some shopping in on the weekend.

If you’re like me – it’s usually around noon before I get there but I am never disapointed with my finds.

Uncle John’s Flea Market offers something for everyone and is fun for people of all ages.   The place is stroller friendly and I saw a lot of families there this past weekend.  Why not?  Admission is free, people are friendly and you might end up with some crazy good deals!


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Bath and Body Works Products Super Cheap


Bath and Body Works Products Super Cheap! – that is what instantly came to mind when I went to Uncle John’s Flea Market last week and saw a table crammed full of Victoria’s Secret, Bath and Body Works, Avon, Body Shop and more.

I bought the full size Sea Cotton body lotion and Sea Cotton shower gel for a fraction of the price I would buy it at the mall, even with a coupon sale at the mall – I couldn’t beat this deal.  I think I would have paid more for travel sizes at the mall than I paid for the full size bottles.

So all week I kicked myself as the vendor had a lot more products and I should have stocked up.

I went back today and as the weather was chilly and overcast, many vendors were not outside.  However, I went into the Top of the Hill Barn and found the same vendor so if you come across a deal like this one, you may want to ask the vendor (if they are outdoors) if they also have an inside space.

She had sold a good amount of the products that she had last week but she still had some really good deals so I grabbed a few more products including one bath salts from the Body Shop that retailed originally for $28.  Needless to say, i didn’t pay $28 or anywhere near that price.  Let me say this – I bought several bath products and some jewelry from her for less than $10……………crazy isn’t it?  Flea Markets are the new EBay – crazy low prices on new name brand stuff.

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Movies at Super Low Prices Can Be Found At Uncle John’s FleaMarket

With the Blockbuster store closing in Crown Point, loyal renters of movies will be happy to know that they can buy (why rent?) gently used movies for a fraction of the original price and probably for less than they rented them.  Top of the Hill Barn at Uncle John’s Flea Market has an impressive array of movies displayed beautifully for fast and easy scanning of titles.

I am not a “tool person” but I also saw a Skil saw in the same vendor’s booth for what seemed like very little money so it is well worth taking a few minutes to look in each and every vendor’s booth as you never know what deals may be hidden.

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Uncle John’s Flea Market Deals

Just because it is winter – don’t think that Uncle John’s Flea Market isn’t churning out deals.

The flea market is open year round, I think Christmas Day may be the only day they are officially closed.   With the balmy winter, many vendors are set up outside on the weekends and the indoor buildings are definitely humming.  Vendors were outside most weekends in January and February.

This weekend, shoppers found an excellent amount of deals inside and outside.   For example -the Top of the Hill Barn is at full capacity with mobile phone accessories at crazy low prices, health and beauty products, clothing and much more.

If video games are what you or the kids like, you can find them at a steep discount.

Purses are selling fast as the prices are so good and vendors have a good assortment of new as well as used items.




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Santiago’s Electronics & More

Like new TVs and other electronics for a fraction of the price can be found at Santiago’s Electronics and More.

Located in the Top of the Hill Barn, shoppers will find electronics as well as gently used bikes and other merchandise.

The inventory is very fast changing at this store and often one of a kind items.

Last week I saw a like new punching bag and a pricey keyboard sell for under $20 each.

Weed whackers, leaf blowers and other lawn equipment is sometimes available for a fraction of the retail price.

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Danielle’s Resale Shop

I’ve been a repeat buyer at Danielle’s store for several reasons.  The first one being her prices are crazy cheap.  Secondly, she is probably the nicest person I have ever met.  Thirdly, she has an ever changing amount of inventory, very nicely arranged and is always getting in more merchandise.

I’ve bought several Ed Hardy clothing items for such crazy cheap prices you would fall over if I told you.  She also stocks a great selection of other name brand clothes, gently used, and priced crazy cheap.

Her store is set up just like a retail store with racks and bins.  Clothing is sorted and labeled by size.  She has a great selection of kids and juniors clothing and a good mix of misses and men’s clothes too.

She also carries shoes and purses but they seem to sell as fast as she gets them on the floor so if you see something you like, buy it as it will be gone.  I am still kicking myself as she had a brand new winter coat for $5 (yes, $5) and when I went back the next day it was long gone.

She had some gently used to like new Coach purses in stock the other day and they were selling fast.

I bought my daughter several pairs of jeans last week.  One was Old Navy, one was Apple Bottoms (new with tags) and one was Aeropostle.  My total was less than 20% of what I would pay for one pair of jeans at the mall.

Danielle is located in the Top of the Hill Barn at Uncle John’s FleaMarket.   I’ve priced other resale booths at the flea market as well as local Goodwill stores and no one beats Danielle’s prices or selection.


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Kelly’s is located in the Top of the Hill Barn at Uncle John’s Flea Market.

On a typical weekend you will find a very good assortment of tools, XBox and Playstation games, used movies (super cheap), guitars and more.

Last week he had in a great selection of collectible model cars.

Most merchandise is in excellent condition and in some cases brand new at a fraction of the price you’d pay elsewhere.

If he doesn’t have something in stock, he will take your name and number and call you.  I was shopping for a used XBox and he had already sold the three he had in stock that day so I am now on the call list (with no obligation of course).


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Vendors at Uncle John’s Flea Market

We will be listing individual vendors and their current products. We will also be listing the various buildings and what you may expect to find when you visit.   Be sure to check back often as the list will grow and merchants inventory will change.

If you haven’t been out to the flea market in awhile, you may be surprised.  There are many new vendors and the merchandise if often new at deeply discounted prices.  The Top of the Hill Barn is one that has seen the most change.  Almost every booth now has a new vendor.  The building is at complete vendor capacity.

Do yourself a favor and be sure to check out each booth  You may find just what you are looking for tucked away in the last booth of one of the buildings.

If you are looking for furniture, candles, Christmas decorations, holiday decorations, home decor, exercise equipment, tools. books, bikes, toys, knives, perfume, Avon, movies, XBox games, clothing, shoes, purses, gloves, stocking stuffers or whatever – the odds are excellent that you will find what you are looking for at Uncle John’s Flea Market.

Uncle John’s is open Saturday & Sunday (closed Christmas Day).  Outside vendors set up as early as 5AM and the indoor vendors start to open at 8AM.  Uncle John’s Flea Market closes at 4PM.  Inventory sells fast and often vendors have new items both days.


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Uncle John’s Flea Market in Lowell Indiana

Uncle John’s Flea Market is conviently located on 41 in Lowell, Indiana.

Shoppers will find several barns packed with vendors that are open year round.  There are also outside vendors even in December if the weather is agreeable.  If you are going on the weekend during good weather, please arrive early or be prepared to spend some time looking for a parking place.  the plus side is, the busier it is the more vendors that seem to be there too.

Shoppers can find almost anything between brand new to gently used to well, pretty used.

There are people selling tools, housewares, cleaning products, religious items, XBoxes, Play Stations, movies, makeup, Avon, Tvs, radios, clothing, baby items, pet items, socks – pretty much anything you can imagine is there.

I bought several fairly new release DVDS for $3, a great tow chain for my husband’s truck for $5, a phone case for my mobile for for $4 and several long lasting candles in jars for $5 each.

Top of the Hill Barn is located a bit away from the other barns,  After touring the barns and seeing what the vendors have to sell, I advise making sure you do not miss the Top of the Hill Barn as it had the best selection overall in my opinion.   The vendors in that building all were selling new or gently used merchandise and the prices were cheap.

I’ve been told to go early – the barns open at 8AM on the weekends and going early may help someone find the best deals but I’ve gotten there around noon every time and have been more than pleased with my finds.





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Thinking About Opening a Flea Market Booth?

Perhaps in part to the downturn economy, many Flea Market vendors are doing better than ever before.

Being a flea market vendor can be very appealing as the hours are short you can set your own hours, be your own boss and have a lot of fun.

If you have the right products, priced right – you can realistically expect to make a few hundred dollars if not much more over a weekend.

It is really important to go into the flea market world with a realistic outlook and your eyes wide open.

Visit your local flea market and observe the vendors and the products offered.  If there are twelve vendors out of a hundred selling tape, tape may not be a good item to focus on.

People expect to negotiate with you so it is really important to keep that in mind when setting your prices.

As you will not be accepting credit cards or checks, you want to make sure you have ample change on hand each weekend.

Make sure your flea market table or vendor booth is clean and the items neatly arranged.  Make sure your merchandise is clean.  Dust often and move merchandise around to freshen up your booth if it doesn’t sell immediately.

Be friendly to people.  Nothing will repel a possible buyer more than not being acknowledged.  Don’t carry on a conversation on your mobile phone – acknowledge your traffic.  This also will help you as far as warding off possible shoplifters.

Once word gets out that you are an easy mark for shoplifting, you will be targeted frequently.  If you are not paying any attention to traffic coming through your area, you will be clueless that people are stealing or contemplating stealing until well after the fact.  Be alert.





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