Uncle John’s Flea Market in Lowell Indiana

Uncle John’s Flea Market is conviently located on 41 in Lowell, Indiana.

Shoppers will find several barns packed with vendors that are open year round.  There are also outside vendors even in December if the weather is agreeable.  If you are going on the weekend during good weather, please arrive early or be prepared to spend some time looking for a parking place.  the plus side is, the busier it is the more vendors that seem to be there too.

Shoppers can find almost anything between brand new to gently used to well, pretty used.

There are people selling tools, housewares, cleaning products, religious items, XBoxes, Play Stations, movies, makeup, Avon, Tvs, radios, clothing, baby items, pet items, socks – pretty much anything you can imagine is there.

I bought several fairly new release DVDS for $3, a great tow chain for my husband’s truck for $5, a phone case for my mobile for for $4 and several long lasting candles in jars for $5 each.

Top of the Hill Barn is located a bit away from the other barns,  After touring the barns and seeing what the vendors have to sell, I advise making sure you do not miss the Top of the Hill Barn as it had the best selection overall in my opinion.   The vendors in that building all were selling new or gently used merchandise and the prices were cheap.

I’ve been told to go early – the barns open at 8AM on the weekends and going early may help someone find the best deals but I’ve gotten there around noon every time and have been more than pleased with my finds.





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