Vendors at Uncle John’s Flea Market

We will be listing individual vendors and their current products. We will also be listing the various buildings and what you may expect to find when you visit.   Be sure to check back often as the list will grow and merchants inventory will change.

If you haven’t been out to the flea market in awhile, you may be surprised.  There are many new vendors and the merchandise if often new at deeply discounted prices.  The Top of the Hill Barn is one that has seen the most change.  Almost every booth now has a new vendor.  The building is at complete vendor capacity.

Do yourself a favor and be sure to check out each booth  You may find just what you are looking for tucked away in the last booth of one of the buildings.

If you are looking for furniture, candles, Christmas decorations, holiday decorations, home decor, exercise equipment, tools. books, bikes, toys, knives, perfume, Avon, movies, XBox games, clothing, shoes, purses, gloves, stocking stuffers or whatever – the odds are excellent that you will find what you are looking for at Uncle John’s Flea Market.

Uncle John’s is open Saturday & Sunday (closed Christmas Day).  Outside vendors set up as early as 5AM and the indoor vendors start to open at 8AM.  Uncle John’s Flea Market closes at 4PM.  Inventory sells fast and often vendors have new items both days.


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