Bath and Body Works Products Super Cheap


Bath and Body Works Products Super Cheap! – that is what instantly came to mind when I went to Uncle John’s Flea Market last week and saw a table crammed full of Victoria’s Secret, Bath and Body Works, Avon, Body Shop and more.

I bought the full size Sea Cotton body lotion and Sea Cotton shower gel for a fraction of the price I would buy it at the mall, even with a coupon sale at the mall – I couldn’t beat this deal.  I think I would have paid more for travel sizes at the mall than I paid for the full size bottles.

So all week I kicked myself as the vendor had a lot more products and I should have stocked up.

I went back today and as the weather was chilly and overcast, many vendors were not outside.  However, I went into the Top of the Hill Barn and found the same vendor so if you come across a deal like this one, you may want to ask the vendor (if they are outdoors) if they also have an inside space.

She had sold a good amount of the products that she had last week but she still had some really good deals so I grabbed a few more products including one bath salts from the Body Shop that retailed originally for $28.  Needless to say, i didn’t pay $28 or anywhere near that price.  Let me say this – I bought several bath products and some jewelry from her for less than $10……………crazy isn’t it?  Flea Markets are the new EBay – crazy low prices on new name brand stuff.

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