Spring is Blooming at Uncle John’s Flea Market

This past weekend showed that Spring has arrived at Uncle John’s FleaMarket with the outside areas packed with vendors and the indoor vendors adding a lot of new merchandise.

I had recently bought an awesome orange handbag for spring.  I bought it from a vendor in the Top of the Hill Barn (the one located all by itself closest to 41).   My husband and I went to DisneyWorld and I took the handbag – I lost count of all the compliments.  Never have I had so many women ask where I bought a purse.

There is also a vendor in the same building with clothes – lots of clothes – crazy cheap.  Actually there are several vendors in that building with clothes, purses, shoes, sunglasses.

There is also one with a lot of phone accessories at by far the best price I have ever seen.   If you are looking for neat little Easter Basket stuffers for teens and adults – I would stop by this booth.

And if you are looking for tools – Kelly has quite the assortment and if he doesn’t have it, he probably knows who might.  He is also located in the same building.

There’s lots of other buildings too and also the outside is packed with bargains.  The main thing is to get in your car and take a ride out weekly if you can since the deals change daily.

Uncle John’s is open on Saturdays and Sundays.  The outside vendors set up super early, some getting there before 7am so if you are an early riser – you can get some shopping in on the weekend.

If you’re like me – it’s usually around noon before I get there but I am never disapointed with my finds.

Uncle John’s Flea Market offers something for everyone and is fun for people of all ages.   The place is stroller friendly and I saw a lot of families there this past weekend.  Why not?  Admission is free, people are friendly and you might end up with some crazy good deals!


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