Uncle John’s Flea Market Hours and Address

Uncle John’s Flea Market is located at

15205 Wicker Avenue

Cedar Lake, Indiana  46303

The hours of operation are:

Saturdays and Sundays

Outside Vendors  Start at 5AM – 4PM

Inside Vendors Start at 8AM – 4PM

A few words about Uncle John’s Flea Market

Uncle John’s Flea Market is a great place to visit on the weekend.  It’s perfect for families, senior citizens and people from all walks of life.

Set up on an old farm, during ideal weather, visitors will find a place jam packed with shoppers, browsers and vendors.

Remember that many vendors are outside – dress for the weather. Bring or apply sunscreen if the weather is warm.

Wear comfortable shoes and if the weather looks like rain or snow, realize that yours shoes may get wet.

Bring a couple plastic bags or fabric tote bags as not all vendors may have bags for your purchases.

Try to carry money in smaller bills if possible.  While vendors try to have as much change as possible, they do appreciate it when you have smaller bills for paying.

Please keep an eye on your children.   The crowds are sometimes quite heavy and it is easy for a child to get disoriented especially outdoors when there are rows and rows and rows of vendors.

Cars and trucks will be driving in either to park as shoppers or set up as vendors.  Be alert for vehicles at all times.

Remember that many vendors travel a good distance to set up at Uncle John’s and flea market sales may be a crucial source of income for many vendors.  Some vendors will negotiate on a price and others will not.  It never hurts to ask if someone will take less if you are truly interested in purchasing an item.


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