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Uncle John’s FleaMarket was packed again this past weekend.  Especially on Sunday. If you are in the market for fresher than fresh, locally grown produce – this is the place.   Go to the Top of the Hill Barn and right outside the door you’ll find an abundance of produce – crazy cheap.

The produce sells out super fast and if you want to stock up, I’d suggest either going Saturday or getting there on Sunday before 9AM.

This past Sunday by 9AM they were almost wiped out of everything – amazing sweet corn, watermelons, peppers – jalapeno, gypsy, poblano – and even more, plus onions, eggplant, squash and tomatoes – all freshly picked. By 11AM they were totally wiped out.  So grab your produce first and then continue with your shopping – but definitely get there early if you want produce.

I heard at least 20 people comment about how low the produce prices were.  I also heard several people comment on how good the watermelons were.  I agree!  Last week, I was lucky enough to get three watermelons.  This past weekend, they were sold out early.

The barns were swarming with people picking up a lot of great deals and the outside vendors were also well stocked.  On Sunday, the place was still packed at 3PM so there are plenty of deals to be found even if you arrive at noon.

Fall is in the air in Northwest Indiana and it’s great fleamarket shopping weather as it’s not too hot or too cold.  If you do get warm – Top of the Hill Barn sells cold soda and water plus there are other vendors with food throughout the fleamarket.

Please keep in mind if you want to sell – the outside spots sell out fast.  Please see Kathy in the office building if you want to reserve a space (highly advise you do so) to sell outside.  I think all the inside booths are currently rented but if you’re interested in inside space, Kathy will have an update on any openings.







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